Discover the power of PATH Pro, McKesson’s new Post-Acute Therapeutics Formulary Management Program. Based on the expertise of Creighton University’s Center for Drug Information and Evidence Based Practice, PATH Pro helps long-term care pharmacies reduce inventory costs, standardize care processes, and build stronger, differentiated partnerships with skilled nursing facilities.

PATH Pro is a complimentary service for McKesson customers, which empowers pharmacies to make more informed decisions when purchasing and dispensing prescriptions for geriatric patients.

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PATH Pro features

Preferred drug lists: Includes determinations for more than 250 generic drugs across nearly 20 therapeutic classes. Lists are based on Creighton University’s clinical research and independent review of the safety profiles for the most commonly dispensed generics in the long-term care setting. All preferred drug lists can be customized to include your pharmacy’s contact information prior to sharing with your skilled nursing facility customers.

Preferred/non-preferred indications: Easily identify the right drugs for the geriatric patient population on the drug list and within the ordering function in McKesson Connect. These indications also include up-to-date prescription drug warnings. PATH Pro features current prescription warnings, as the lists and monographs are updated periodically (typically every quarter) by Creighton University.

Drug monographs: Receive individual drug monographs for every generic drug reviewed including the clinical pharmacology of each drug. This includes the trade names, classification, indications, dosing, adverse effects, safety, clinical recommendation (preferred or non-preferred), and relevant references.

Purchasing analysis: Access Maximum Allowance Cost (MAC), Average Wholesale Price (AWP) and Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) on McKesson Connect, allowing you to apply financial criteria when evaluating preferred drugs.

PATH Pro benefits

For the pharmacy:

  • Easy access to preferred and non-preferred lists that feature the most commonly used generics for geriatric patients.
  • Develop more effective formulary and therapeutic interchange programs using Creighton’s clinical research and expertise, focused on the geriatric population.
  • Streamline dispensing and purchasing processes. Reduce your prescription drug inventory costs, and standardize medications across the facilities you serve.
  • Differentiate your pharmacy to win and retain long-term care business.

For the skilled nursing facility:

  • Improve clinical outcomes, and minimize readmissions, by reducing drug-related complications for geriatric patients.
  • Comply with nursing home (F-tag) regulations and help avoid costly penalties.
  • Minimize financial burden associated with dispensing drugs that are not covered by insurance or government-funded programs, such as Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

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